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Rink Updates - Summer 2019

Wow! So much has been happening since our last blog post. We've got 50 hockey teams rolling and running seven nights a week.

We're still looking for ways to add a youth program back into the mix, and we've made many improvements!

Pro Shop

Fully stocked with tape, wheels, pucks, drinks, apparel, and some gear our pro shop is open daily:

M-F 4pm - 9pm

Sat 9am - 3pm

Sun 9am - 9pm

Public Skate Sessions Added!

Wednesdays and Fridays from 5:00pm to 6:30pm

We are now happy to offer Public Skate time slots for $5 a person. We are still working on acquiring rental skates so for now it's only available to those who can BYOS (bring your own skates). Coaches are allowed to hold private lessons as well [please email us if you're a coach and would like more info.]

Score Board Installed!

We're in our second week since putting up the score board and everyone's lives have changed forever! Working like a charm and enclosed in a custom built enclosure, our LED score board is meant to last a VERY long time :-)

Gear Storage

We've added a storage unit to house all our gear for lending and we are happily accepting all donations!

This is also where our eventual skate rentals will be stored for those public sessions that we've added to the books. (We do have a pair of 6's and 9's available now actually).

Golden Bears Spring Dry Land Training

Today was the first session of our new partnership with the Pickwick based Golden Bears hockey organization and it couldn't have gone any better! For the next couple months they will be regular faces around the rink on Sundays as they help these kids turn into potential future NHLers.

Sunday Roller Pickup is Gaining Momentum

Sundays from 1-3pm we've got a roller pick up that has started gaining momentum, the only one missing is you <3

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